We in GITIS have been working closely with our polymer and compound partners to establish a knowledge base for our customers. Today, any O-Ring or special rubber sealing is always a combination of productivity and application performance. This requires unique and long experienced knowhow to understand and transform the customer needs into a high performing rubber compound. Our G-Ring and G-Tech rubber sealing products are the result of this constant and relentless pursue.

Our TECHNOLOGY is the rubber compound formulation we offer for any application you have decided to challenge us. The GT 100 called performance package covers already many applications in various market segments.

Adding other technologies we are able to satisfy any needs and requests of our customers covering the widest range of temperature, physical and chemical properties within our portfolio of strategic products for our dedicated target market segments.

As for many cases there is a combination of various needs we are not able to show all combinations in this summary. In your very special cases, especially when it comes to extreme temperatures, we would then strongly recommend to contact us for further application support. In addition we can formulate special compounds or offer other compounds in case that our wide range does not cover your most challenging request to us.

GT 100

Low temperature

High temperature

Improved Chemical Resistance

Steam Resistance

Explosive decompression

Food & Beverage

Extreme conditions