High temperature

The High Temperature technology portfolio offers rubber compounds especially designed for high temperature applications beyond 200 °C continuous/230 °C intermittent. Some dedicated grades of FKM and VMQ compounds have been designed for various applications including exhaust gas (turbo) chargers (EGR), charge air coolers (CAC) and some solar applications, where those materials provide safe temperature behaviour, mainly in fittings/press fittings and piping installations.

The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system helps to control temperature of the recirculated exhaust gas to reduce the formation of NOx gases.

An EGR cooler must be able to withstand the high temperature exhaust gas and tolerate certain highly corrosive components of this gas, including sulfuric acid. A turbocharged diesel engine will also have a separate charge air cooler (CAC) to reduce the temperature of the compressed air supplied to the intake manifold of the engine. Compressed air from the turbocharger is not as hot as exhaust gas, but may still attain a temperature of 205 °C up to 220 °C.

For higher temperature/applications please refer to Extreme conditions.