Company Profile

GITIS is specialized in the production and sales of high quality O-rings and dedicated parts according customer drawings in Fluorocarbon, Silicone and Fluorosilicone type of compounds for all application where excellent performance is requested.

Since the company has decided to combine innovation, technology and productivity GITIS has become over the years the most reliable partner for all kind of customers and markets such as automotive, chemical industrial, food and beverage, aerospace and medical equipment. We complete our product and technology portfolio with a full range of standard parts out of our high performance/high productivity compounds.

Flexibility and production capacity together with the long experience of 35 years are enabling us to deliver high quality, productivity and well appreciated customer service in all kind of lot sizes and demand.

Established in the year 1979 in Sarnico, GITIS was growing continuously and fast. After some years, only the company moved into the building in Capriolo, which was extended 3 times in the subsequent years to follow the growth and the need of the customers. The family was always pursuing the aim to produce high quality products only thanks to a clear choice of product specificity, the use of the best technologies available on the market and the continuous research into improving solutions by its own technical quality team.

Today we employ 160 people on an area of 12.000 m2.


GITIS works closely with global market leaders in strategic growth sectors as your most reliable development and production partner.

Hand in hand, we will follow the needs of the markets and the customer, as we never want to stop to learn and perform, offering specific competence for our core product materials. We have been growing up as the first European injection molder with Fluorocarbon polymers and want to share this knowledge and long-term experience with our customers to support their growth plans. Quality is the daily driver for our product, processes and people.

If you combine quality, innovation, work experience and high dedication then you feel the spirit of a Gitis part, which you have in hand. Our G-Ring and G-Tech products are therefore unique to you as well as every customer project is a new and welcome challenge for us.


Gitis identifies the health and safety of its personnel, the satisfaction of its customers, the protection of the environment and the development of the communities with which it interacts as an absolute and integrated priority; the entire organization is oriented toward achieving these goals openly and transparently.

Gitis strengthens its management through constant training and updating of professional and management skills, paying attention to the evaluation and motivation of its employees, adherence to the ethical principles established in its Code of Conduct and the maintenance of an adequate balance between their quality of life and its business needs.

Gitis commits to comply with applicable legal requirements and all other requirements relating to quality, health, safety and environment matters to which it subscribes.

Gitis undertakes to keep this policy updated, to implement and maintain its management system and continuously improve its Quality, Health, Safety and Environment performance.


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