H2 – Hydrogen

Innovations and the need for safe and efficient processes are constantly driving development with increasingly demanding application parameters. Due to the required application parameters, two basic elastomers have proven to be suitable for hydrogen applications: EPDM and FKM. Above all, these must be adjusted regarding the operating temperature and integrity of the structure and processed under tight process parameters to maintain the required permeation rates and at the same time ensure a long service life.  For static and semi-dynamic H2 applications, we supply O-rings and special seals made of specially developed EPDM and low-temperature FKM materials. These also have excellent properties in terms of material integrity and gas tightness.

H2G – GITIS HYDROGEN SERIES seals can be found in electrolysers, compressors, valves, connectors, pumps and FCEV. All our selected materials are ED compliant.

As a developer and manufacturer of seals, we work closely with industry leaders on the successful implementation of the energy transition and all its engineering solutions.