The automotive market (LINK TO GITIS TECHNOLOGY GUIDE) was the decisive driver for most of the innovations in our company. We were the first manufacturer of FKM O-rings in the injection molding process, the first automatic test system for O-rings was installed at GITIS; today we are a full-scale partner in the largest and most challenging market for seals. With our plants in Europe and China, we can serve the requests, developments and needs of all platforms local for local.

In recent years, temperature and media resistance requirements have continued to rise. Electrification and the necessary new developments are another challenge. It has always been important for us to find new and better solutions. Investments were made to adapt in this rapidly changing market. Innovative technologies are developed to meet our own requirements and that of our customers on the corresponding product quality.

We are committed to 0-defects quality, starting with material and product development, in production to reduce all conceivable risks with safe, documented processes with 100% visual or automatic control, automatic packaging and final control.

Our product portfolio covers the entire range of transmissions, cooling, powertrains, gas and fuel systems in passenger cars and light/heavy trucks.