Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Process, Kaizen

Kaizen 改善, Japanese for “improvement”, or “change for the better”.

From the management to the production line everybody is focused on a never-ending, endless effort of looking and realizing the continuous small improvement steps with a unique clear target. We are striving to establish significant, measurable and sustainable process improvements.

Key principles:

Heavy reliance on teamwork, in which everyone’s opinion is valued and considered.

Workers should be confident about offering suggestions for improvement, even when a system appears to be functioning adequately.

Kaizen recognizes that there is always room for improvement.

People groups meet and work together to solve problems and come up with innovation changes.

5 S in Kaizen:

  • "Seiri" (Sort): Tidiness, keeping only essential items
  • "Seiton" (Set in Order): Orderliness, eliminate extra motion
  • "Seiso" (Shine): Cleanliness, keep the workplace clean
  • "Seiketsu" (Standardize): Standardize work practices
  • "Shitsuke" (Self Discipline): Sustaining, maintaining, discipline and reviewing standards