Right from the start, in GITIS we have concentrated on a few, special products and technologies. We want to offer the best product for your application. You will find us if you need O-rings or molded rubber seals in technical elastomers for high performance and durability, such as AEM, HNBR, FKM, FFKM and silicone (FVMQ, VMQ).

GITIS products are known for their quality and performance. These important features together with our productivity and process innovation will help you stay competitive and grow in the most demanding markets.

We work closely with our polymer and compound manufacturers to create a unique knowledge base for our customers.

For us, product and technology are always a combination between productivity and application performance. This requires unique know-how to convert customer requirements into a high-performance rubber compound. Our sealing products are the result of this constant and consistent work.

Our rubber compounds consist of the respective polymer / rubber, fillers, plasticizers and chemicals (processing aids, crosslinking agents, anti-aging agents, etc.). The rubber used in a formulation determines the basic properties of the elastomer material: aging resistance, flexibility at low temperatures, behaviour towards various media, mechanical properties. The mixed-in fillers improve the mechanical properties of the elastomers such as strength, abrasion resistance and tear resistance by binding the rubber molecules to the surface of the fillers. Through irreversible, wide-meshed crosslinking, also known as vulcanization, polymers / rubbers become elastomers, which behave entropy-elastic (rubber-elastic) in the range of the usage temperature.

Due to the variations in the technologies, we are able to cover all inquiries and needs of our customers with regard to temperature as well as physical and chemical properties within our portfolio for strategic products in the respective target segments of the markets.

In your special case, especially if extreme temperatures and conditions play a role, we ask you to contact us directly. We can then offer the corresponding special materials or develop special compounds to cover your requirements.


Rubber moulded components

Co-moulded components